Using a Dentist for Teeth Whitening Procedures

Typically, in a person's adulthood, they decide that perhaps something should be done about the yellowing of their teeth. Whether it is from drinking lots of coffee for the early morning work grind, or from eating sticky plaque causing foods, teeth lose their glistening white sheen over time. Many people try an inexpensive fix in the form of teeth whitening kits from the drugstore aisles, but never quite get those results they want. If a quick result and a smile you can be proud of sounds like what you're looking for, look no further than a teeth whitening procedure from a highly-trained dentist.

Teeth whitening procedures are more effective when done with a dental professional. For one, a dentist is able to talk through your dental history with you and give you the best plan of attack for your teeth specifically. Some dentists, for instance, may use a different type of teeth whitening procedure on the teeth that you have that have undergone various procedures affecting their root systems. Certain dental surgeries can affect how your teeth react to certain whitening products, so it is important that a trained professional evaluate your dental history before deciding upon a functional teeth whitening plan.

While many at home whitening kits require multiple applications over many days, there are in dentist procedures that can be done in just one day, in as little as an hour or maybe two. The dentist will use a type of chemical compound that reacts to a certain kind of light. They put the chemical compound on your teeth, and then allow you to relax with the light shining on your teeth for however long is needed to complete the whitening procedure. Then you are free to go about your day with noticeably whiter teeth. Learn more about dentistry at

Dentist Santa Monica is also able to either prescribe for you some follow up treatments for later on down the road to do at home, and these may be stronger than over the counter teeth whitening selections. This way you can keep your teeth whiter and more vibrant for a longer amount of time more effectively. In this case, you will see results that you just can't get from a basic in home whitening kit.

If you want cleaner and whiter teeth in a faster amount of time, consider calling Calabasas Dentist and scheduling a consult to go over in-dentist teeth whitening procedures. A highly trained professional easily create a teeth whitening plan for you and get you the brighter smile you have always wanted.